Why Choose Us?

  • First and formost we care about our customers. We take the time to talk to our customers to get to know them and provide a service thats appropriate for their needs.

  • Being a small business means we offer a personal service and highly competetive rates. No compromise of service. Our visits start from as little as £25 including VAT.

  • We can identify what a weed is and what is not and we know which specimens to prune using the correct techniques at the right time. We are fully trained and have many years of experience.

  • We use all of our own tools. This enables us to work safely and efficiently whilst leaving us responsible for any repairs and maintenance of our own equipment. 

  • We only use professional equipment to undertake the task at hand.​ Domestic tools are not as efficient and cannot produce the quality of finish we provide.

  • Where composting isn't possible; all the green waste we generate can be disposed of responsibly via our trade recycling centre. We hold the necessary licencing to transport all green waste. 

  • The chemicals we supply and apply to control a range of pest and diseases are only available to trade. Meaning they are more effective than domestically sourced products. We hold the necessary licences to apply these products commercially.

  • In the unlikely case of an accident; we're fully insured.

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Call us on 01344 530313 or leave us a message now to arrange a free visitation.
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39 Bay Road, Bracknell,

Berkshire, RG12 2NJ

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